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Students having a great time at Stepping Stone Sachse

We hope you will visit our school and allow us to care for your children.

In order for us to care for your children, we must have an enrollment application completed and on file.

We also must provide you with a Parent Handbook that tells you important things about Stepping Stones Sachse.

Those forms are available in our office, and they are available right here.

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Christa Tillman & Cheryl (Tillman) Baker both have degrees from the University of North Texas in Early Childhood Education and have over twenty years experience each in this field. They are committed to quality and excellence in a learning, not a babysitting environment...

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FULL TIME rates are lower (per day) than PART TIME rates, but they are due each week, whether your child attends or is absent. If you are enrolled as FULL TIME and are going to be out for an extended period of time, you MUST let us know at least ONE WEEK before being gone for us to suspend tuition. Your space will be available when you return if no one has taken it. We cannot hold spaces...