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Students having a great time at Stepping Stone Sachse

Please click here to see Summer Rules about Water Activities and Field Trips.

Water park field trip
Spray park field trip
Field trip to Dallas Aquarium
Dallas Aquarium field trip
First Place Trophy for Red White and Blue Blast
First Place Trophy for parade float

Schoolers' FULL TIME summer tuition includes ALL extra fees and lunches for field trips.  You can send money for extras, if you want.

NOTE:  If you are on DAILY enrollment, the * indicates any additional charge for a field trip that day.

For Water Activities:

Please bring a swimsuit, sunscreen & towel for each of your children

Swim days will be Friday

Label all items and please take them home each week

For Field Trips:

* Field Trip Shirts provided by us, MUST be worn at all times

* Sign up sheets must be signed before departure

* Children MUST be here at assigned time or they will be left behind

* If they are having behavior problems, they will not be allowed to attend the field trip for that day. Money for that field trip will NOT be refunded (all of our trips must be prepaid) GOOD Behavior is a MUST!

* Parents may send extra spending money for their children to use, however, there are times when it is not feesible to make any purchases, and they can use that money for future use.

* All children will have sunscreen applied before, during & after water activities, if your child has fair skin, a t-shirt is recommended during longer days at the pool or water park.

* If your children require behavior modifying medication to help them, please consider continuing this during the summer where things are not as structured and children with control issues struggle.

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