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Students having a great time at Stepping Stone Sachse

You must select a FULL TIME or PART TIME (drop in) schedule when you are enrolled.

FULL TIME rates are lower (per day) than PART TIME rates, but they are due each week, whether your child attends or is absent.  If you are enrolled as FULL TIME and are going to be out for an extended period of time, you MUST let us know at least ONE WEEK before being gone for us to suspend tuition.  Your space will be available when you return if no one has taken it.  We cannot hold spaces.

If you want to change from WEEKLY billing to DAILY billing or from DAILY billing to WEEKLY billing, you must contact our office a week before you wish the change to take effect.

Full time Drop in and part time
see notes below
0-12 months $165.00 per week $40.00 per day
13-24 months $150.00 per week $38.00 per day
2 years $125.00 per week $32.00 per day
3 years $110.00 per week $27.00 per day
4 - 5 years $105.00 per week $26.00 per day
Kindergarten - 5th grade $100.00 per week $25.00 per day
During days when public school is in session
Kindergarten - 5th grade before/after school $  70.00 per week $18.00 per day

During the summer when public school is NOT in session
Kindergarten - 5th grade
  *Includes Field Trip fees and lunches when on field trips

$115.00* per week

$30.00*per day
Rates are subject to change without notice.

Drop in and part time -- PLEASE NOTE:
We must know AT LEAST ONE DAY PRIOR to the day your child attends.

Other notes:

Children must be brought in by 10:30 unless prior arrangements have been made.

Parents or guardians must bring children in and check them out and are responsible for them being properly signed in and out each day. 

There is a $1.00 per minute charge for each child not picked up by closing time.

Payment is due on Monday for the current week.  It is past due after 6:30 on Wednesday.  A $20.00 charge will be posted on accounts for balances due after Wednesday of each week.

We pick up and deliver to all Sachse schools and some other area schools.  If your child needs to go to a school you are not sure we go to, please call and ask.

1) The parent/guardian has initial interview with the Childcare Director or designated staff member.
2) Your child may be requested to participate in the program for one-half day for evaluation by teaching staff.
3) Completed documentation forms are presented by the parent/guardian:

     Agreement with Stepping Stones
     Enrollment Application
     Bank Draft/Credit Card Draft or other financial arrangements
     Parent Acknowledgement of "A Parent's Guide to Child Care"
     Discipline and Guidance Policy
     Bus Rules

4) The parent/guardian is notified of acceptance or non-acceptance of child via a  letter or phone call from Director of Education.

Informal assessments are used for the purpose of recognizing strengths and planning programs for academic development. Yearly evaluations, with developmentally appropriate skills, will be done in the fall for each child to assess their strengths and weaknesses.

We will observe national holidays, but will make every effort to be available for you on days such as the Saturday before Christmas – a little shopping time alone – and other special times. Contact us for details regarding this and other special programs.

Click here for a list of the days we are closed.

Notice will be posted 48 hours in advance of a planned trip. A signed permission form for each trip is required. The form will state the time, date, place of trip, method of transportation, purpose of trip, fee required (if any) and adults and students who will participate.